Findings from a report from ECPAT International and INTERPOL

In order to understand and tackle the sexual exploitation of children, we have to have an accurate idea of its scale and context. Current figures are often little more than guestimates, and so much of our research focuses on exploring methodologies that can improve estimates of the exact number of offenders and victims worldwide. We also need to continue to research and analyse emerging trends and root causes, to better equip us in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children.

Country Reports
These reports monitor and evaluate the commitment of governments to end the sexual exploitation of children in their respective countries, and provide recommended priority actions.

Situational Analyses
Our Situational Analysis Reports provide a more in-depth analysis of a particular country, through primary and secondary and qualitative and quantitative research on the magnitude, nature, context and trends of the sexual exploitation of children.

Emerging Trends
Our experts also explore less researched themes that need to be taken into account when developing new responses to sexual exploitation of children.

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