Our Strategic Framework 2015-2018 lists ‘putting children’s voices at the heart of ECPAT work’ as the first of our four change goals. This focus is key; if we are influencing policy and legislation on behalf of young people, it is vital that their thoughts and experiences are reflected in everything we do.

We encourage children’s participation within our network, particularly child survivors and those most-at risk, through involvement in research, awareness raising, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation.

Global Survivors’ Forum

ECPAT International will convene the first ever global virtual forum for adult survivors of childhood sexual exploitation. The landmark Global Survivors’ Forum will provide a platform and give a stronger voice to survivors from around the globe. The Forum will be held on 18th November to coincide with the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

Access to Justice and Remedies Project

Children’s voices are central to this multi-country initiative focusing on child survivors’ experiences within the judicial system and recovery and reintegration programmes. One of the project’s key aims is to develop a bill of rights of child victims of sexual exploitation, which would bring together the voices of survivors, with existing rights under international law, into one child-friendly document. We want children over the world to know that it is their right to be free from violence, and to ensure that they know how to access support and justice.

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Global Youth Participation Project (YPP)

My favourite aspect of the YPP is that it is supporting child survivors and helping them to be treated with respect and dignity

During 2009-2011 we implemented the Global YPP with the aim of securing children’s rights to actively and meaningfully participate in work against sexual exploitation. Within the YPP, child survivors were directly involved as Youth Motivators, Peer Supporters and Youth Advocates. Their experiences are documented in journals, studies and child-friendly guides available on our resources page. Evaluations showed that the YPP empowered the children involved, and those they supported, to realise their fundamental right to influence matters affecting their lives.