Regional and International advocacy
ECPAT work with governments, regional and international bodies to ensure sexual exploitation of children remains high on political agendas, and lead the global discussion among UN agencies and international NGOs. We support the achievement of targets related to the sexual exploitation of children in the Sustainable Development Goals, and hold international stakeholders accountable for their commitments.

We raise awareness and call for action
We use our expertise and research to inform decision makers, the public, the media, civil society organisations, faith based organisations and others, with the aim of creating a global outcry and inspiring new solutions to eradicate the sexual exploitation of children in our generation.

Words matter ECPAT

  • Words Matter through a terminology project ECPAT’s raising awareness about the importance of using correct terminology. Irresponsible use of terminology can trivialize the issue, stigmatize victims and make it difficult to raise awareness or facilitate enlightened discourse.

Stop the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism
Together with our members, we advocate for effective prevention and protection systems, stronger legal frameworks, better implementation and cooperation between governments, private sector and civil society.

  • The Code – an  initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children
  • Offenders on the move – a two year collaboration of 67 partners, has reviewed emerging trends and explored possible solutions to this issue.

Legal Frameworks
ECPAT Members identified the need to review the status of national legal frameworks protecting children from sexual exploitation online, and to assess their alignment with relevant international and regional legal instruments. That is why ECPAT International has conducted legal research covering both procedural and substantive laws in 29 countries around the world.

Access the database here.