Sexual exploitation of children is hugely complex and tackling it needs a carefully planned, multi-layered approach. Thanks to the diverse nature of ECPAT’s global network, we can act at all levels, from supporting shelters for survivors to influencing Heads of States and partnering with multinational companies.

We follow up on promises
We work to bring national laws and policies into alignment with international child rights conventions and to assist governments to meet the commitments they made in 1996, during the first World Congress against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Stockholm, Sweden, and two subsequent World Congresses.

We advocate and collaborate for change
Using evidence, cutting-edge research and advocacy, we also collaborate with global law enforcement agencies such as INTERPOL and local authorities to improve identification and rescue of child victims and to arrest and prosecute offenders. Our partnerships with the private sector in key areas such as travel and tourism and information and communication technologies, are designed to keep children and youth safe both online and offline.

Children are always our first priority and are at the heart of everything we do.