ECPAT is led by an International Board of Trustees composed of eight Regional Representatives elected by network member organisations in their respective regions, plus a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Youth Representative, elected by the full network membership. The current Board was elected during the International Assembly in June 2018, and serves for three years. Network activities are supported and coordinated by a Secretariat based in Bangkok.

ECPAT International is a non-profit organisation registered legally as a Foundation (Stichting) in the Netherlands on August 20th 2000 under number KVK 34139743. ECPAT International head office is based in Bangkok, Thailand and registered with the Thai Ministry of Labour under number Aor.Chor.Tor./Phor./16/2558.

Strategic directions 2015-2018

Based on a comprehensive external scan and on a truly participative process that included consultations with stakeholders and experts in the field, ECPAT members endorsed a new Strategic Framework 2015-2018 to guide the work of the whole ECPAT movement through four Change Goals:

  • Goal 1: Put Children’s voices at the heart of the ECPAT Network
  • Goal 2: Develop the ECPAT International Network (more countries, higher capability)
  • Goal 3: Convene, broker and lead cutting-edge research, knowledge creation, and dissemination
  • Goal 4: Build a Global Campaign to end CSEC

ECPAT International Child and Youth Advisory Committee (EICYAC)

Founded in 2002, EICYAC is a consultative group that brings the voices of young people from all over the world, in particular children at high risk and survivors of sexual exploitation, into the governance of ECPAT International. The current EICYAC consists of 24 members from 22 countries and gives a voice, through representation by their focal points to more than 400 young people.